About Stayatworkfatherofthree

With so much talk today about stay at home parents, the four hour work week, early retirement, virtual outsourcing and becoming rich on the Internet, I was forced to the conclusion this is no way for children to observe their parents.  As a Father of three highly inquisitive children, I was eager to allow our children to watch us at work the same way apprentices of old used to.  When so few parents are involved in manual labor where children can be present and so many more parents are working on computers, laptops and devices at home, beside the pool etc. and their children none the wiser as to what their parents actually do.

It has, since each of their births, been so important to have our children accompany us to offices, meeting venues and watch us from the safety of a vehicle when we have been conducting field work.  They know what Daddy is, they know what Daddy does and know what Daddy has.  Slowly but surely, we are paperlessly fighting poverty, procrastination and perception.   Any way we can, any where we are, and with any one we meet.  

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