Shit Nobody Ever Believes until too late

OK.  Just in case you did not get the memo yesterday from the IMF telling your governments to rein in spending and start hoarding cash and savings.

No less than 18 months ago when Trump was elected, Stayatworkfatherofthree would politely point out the People’s Republic of China, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the United States of America and the Russian Federation, were all headed by individuals who cannot be voted out easily.   To boot, they are all capable of doing each others’ dirty work overseas, so as to not piss off their neighbors and allies.

My description was, basically the biggest organized crime mafia the world has ever seen and with them controlling everything from water supplies to wifi, could twist the balls of any nation, if not the rest of the globe.  Especially if this little fight club recruit all the other dictatorships in each continent.

What has happened in the last six months and especially the last six days is nothing less than a thinly veiled attempt to pretend these four nations are not in each other’s pockets.

Brexit ?  Immigration ?  Not likely Mate!   If there is one thing the British do well, it is knowing when to quit when they are ahead.  Their exit has nothing to do with immigration and refugees.  It has more to do with the fact they want to become an island further off the coast of Europe than before and keep the USA at arm’s length as they already have more than their fair share of eccentrics.

For the last 15 years, the British Commonwealth has been quietly going about their business like they always do and just like the previous World Wars, it will be the Commonwealth to come to the aid of the free World.  The only difference is it will not be just Christian soldiers fighting fascists this time.  They even had the Commonwealth Games.  Do you think USA, PRC, DPRK or FU,….. sorry RU, noticed or gave a shit?

Of course not.   They are too confident.  Too arrogant.

In April this year, Stayatworkfatherofthree was having a few drinks in Bangkok with an ex-Australian soldier.  When we got talking about the Gang of Four that is comprised of the above-mentioned mafia outfit, all of whom abuse cyber-space, outer-space and brain-wash the inner-space of their citizens.   There was a paper napkin handy so I drew out the following:

Imagine WWI and WWII starting at the same time, for the same reasons, but not started by the same countries or in the same place.

Let’s just say WWIII starts in the South China sea reef, (instead of the Balkans) and the PRC plays the expansionist drive (instead of Germany) with RU joining later (instead of Japan).  Too simplistic?   Do you think anyone is prepared to fight what in effect is WWI and WWII at the same time?

Try fighting when the mafia holds your water and wifi for ransom, or just for the hell of it because they can.  Why else have the secret services started training agents to use the postal system and dead letter drops over electronic communication.

Do you need to buy gold and dig a bomb shelter?

NOPE!  Gangsters do not destroy means of production they intend to use later.

  1. Get Superhero fit.  (Not buying American junk food will help).
  2. Eliminate all debt.  (Do not get a mortgage, unless you can out bid a Shanghai banker).
  3. Cash up (start saving for Christmas now!).
  4.  Do not invest in the stock market.

Unless you missed the billboard a decade ago when Russian crooks and corrupt PRC cadres started parking cash in the globes stock markets and manipulating prices, you really need to take a look back at the last century.

1977 oil crisis.  OK I was still wearing diapers then.  Missed that boat by a long shot.

1987 Crash.  Wow!  My first year of formal study of economics.  Was not even on minimum wage at supermarket, but the message was awesome.  October before the North hemisphere’s winter is a time to beware.

1997 Asian Financial Crisis.  I was there.  Fool me once, shame on you.

2007 GFC starts.   Was there again.  Fool me twice, shame on me.

2017 Consumer debt is global concern.  Real estate bubbles in every country increase.   95% of people addicted to something unhealthy.  Drugs, Donuts, Dumbphones, or Daily-grind.

October 2018.  You read it here.  Those four poor excuses for countries are going to make everyone look up at their rockets in the sky and pick your pockets, spray dirty water on your shoes, and pillage your prairies.

Me?  100 push-ups a day.  Zero debt.  Multiple revenue streams.  Zero stocks in 20 days.









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