PACK-MAN experiments on the way home.

PACK-MAN handed over THB150 and the tri-lingual bag wrapping attendant in Suvannabumi airport in return lent a marker to write contact details on the cling-wrapping around his large suitcase. 

Then he strolled over to the smoking area and carefully filled his favorite corn pipe with a good half handful of Borkum Riff Black Cavendish.   Testing and tossing a now defunct black BIC, he unwrapped a new standard Asian adjustable lighter from a 7-11 and sipped his can of coffee.   The first light went well, just toasting the top-most hairs of tobacco.   Pack-Man then gently padded down the tinders ready for the second lighting and took a long superficial head of smoke.   This was going to be a mindful journey home……..


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