When our time comes

Not 48 hours ago I was sitting in Bali looking at this hotel garden when my wife in Australia announced in a video chat she had some bad news.   My Dad had passed away in his sleep while I was in transit from Bangkok to our island paradise.

After I hung up the call, I just sat looking at this little garden beside the hotel restaurant and noticed how we are all like the plants and trees.   Some younger, some older.  Passing at any stage of development and growing at different rates and directions.

None of us were at the hospital when he passed at 8:05am, although we had said quiet goodbyes many times during the 15 months we watched over him battling one illness after another.   He had enjoyed a year of celebrating all our birthdays and festivities.   Been with us in Bangkok when our daughter was born and held her in his arms like his own unborn children.

For over a decade had all agreed watching someone in hospital slowly slip away was always going to be better than a sudden tragic loss from something like a car accident.   Nevertheless, it did not make it any easier when the physical and mental pains he experienced fluctuated and returned with increasing frequency.

Nothing but tears of joy fall now as we remember a great last year we gave to my Dad who was the best Step-Father anyone could hope for.   He was cremated yesterday and I can still hear him warning me to cross the road carefully and take the road less travelled.


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