The Four Seasons

So there I was a month ago sitting beside my Dad’s wheel chair in the waiting room of his psychiatrist and there was this painting behind the reception counter.    Doesn’t it just sum life up in one moment?

Life being a series of four seasons in rotation.   Nothing lasting forever unless, you jump on a plane and chase winter.

Six summers ago I designed a company management system based on a four color system much like the above picture.   So much so we will re-launch the system with a new group of colleagues under the banner of The Four Seasons.

More so because one of our newer colleagues overheard me playing this video of Max Richter’s new arrangement of Vivaldi’s Classic.   This young Thai gentleman leaned over and asked me what this piece of music was called.  Most likely because he had heard it in so many car advertisements, although he admitted it helped him concentrate and finish reports.    Ditto for me.   I have been using The Four Seasons to overcome procrastination for years as it is 44 minutes long and ensures I finish or at least make a dent in whatever nasty bit of a task I am wrestling with.

Please enjoy and with all credit due to the creators:

If anyone would like more information on our Core Four Management System, let us know as it all started when I told someone I had a hundred things to do and no one to delegate to.   How wrong I was !

Even better it will now center around 44 minutes, rather than the original 90 minutes recommended for focused productivity.

Meanwhile, there is Super Tropical Cyclone heading towards our tropical paradise.   Of course the wind will not last forever.   It is nearly the end of cyclone season.


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