Nailing It

“You nailed it Dad” said Bravo after I blew into the open end of a ice Popsicle package to release the frozen paper from the chocolate coated treat.

After a week of rave reviews from our boys, loving the chicken wings I baked, super French toast for a couple of breakfasts, it was time to involve them in the cooking and the above picture was a joint effort.  Because they helped make this, when it came out of the oven they licked their plates clean.

OK so I quickly boiled some pasta before we went to the beach and put it in the fridge to cool.   When we got back, Bravo mixed in a can of creamed corn, half a head of raw cauliflower and a small tin of tuna.   Alpha, has a touch and go approach to eating vegetables, so he was incharge of mixing in 250 grams of frozen spinach and a chopped carrot.   We topped it with grated cheese and some crushed crackers to crisp it up a bit in the oven.  Alpha got a good dose of vitamins and Bravo loved being a chef.

Grandma stayed with us over the weekend so we spoiled her with a three day menu including home made fish and chips, hummus piped into celery sticks, lamb cutlets with steamed corn cobs and mash, poached eggs with bacon, hashbrowns and Canadian maple syrup.

Stayatworkfatherofthree has been a member of the 5am club for close to a decade and now turning on the washing machine at 6am is a part of that routine, at least for this month and will probably continue.   Also during this last week we have elimated a mild head lice problem and dispensed with online supermarket shopping given we get more exercise taking the shopping trolley on the boat back to the island.

Regardless, Grandma was not easily impressed, although she did like the frozen banana and chocolate dessert.

Tonight will be the twelfth night Stayathomemotheroffour has been away visiting family, so we have scheduled a bit of live video sex together via social media tonight, given there are 18 more nights this couple are in different  continents and sure beats rearranging the cyclone pantry.



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