Hangry Terrorists

Well shut ma mouth.  Wad ya think about that?

So the last weeks were Ramadan got me thinking maybe the tipping point for attacks were caused by young fasting single guys full of testosterone who just got so hangry they snapped.

After researching online a bit there is absolutely no link between increase of attacks because rewards in heaven are said to be bigger during Ramadan.  That is to say, despite the promise of greater martyrdom during that time, there is no evidence that the rate of attacks are higher at that time.  Check it out.

Regardless, you cannot ignore the fact that a hangry fasting post-teenage mass of ideologically charged testosterone who is not getting any love, is just so uptight and uncomfortable that lashing out is naturally predicable.

Testament to this is efforts many cultures go to in keeping their own youth physically active with Police Clubs, School Discos and emphasis on social sports etc.   Not to mention very limited periods resembling fasting and allowing youths sufficient privacy to explore their bodies, hormones and transition into adults of their own mind, even if they also practice a religion.

Food is not just for thought.


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