Scarecrow Hack

(This is not related to Halloween, despite the timing).

This is a perfect hack for boat owners, especially if you are in a marina with flocks of birds.   You just hang this black crow off the back of your boat or anywhere they land and most birds will think twice so before they poo on your vessel.  It is waterproof, light and ‘flaps’ around on the string, which is strong enough in most winds, although be sure to fold flat and tuck away when you are sailing.

When we bought our Austral 20, she had not been sailed for more than a month and birds were quite frequently sitting, even trying to nest, on the boat.   So there was a good amount of ‘white’ peppering our deck and sail covers.   Two weeks later we put up this scarecrow on the stern under the solar panel.   Since then we have hardly seen a bird near our boat and yesterday the marina manager jealously commented there seems to be less of a poo problem on our boat.  (He has a motor cruiser berthed beside us and only a stationary plastic owl on his bow to scare birds and clearly it is not as effective).

If you would like to buy one of the black scarecrows in the above photo, please leave a comment below stating quantity and we will be able to send to your land address.   USD5.00 each plus postage. 

It is almost a decade since I joined the 5am Club and now summer (southern hemisphere) is steadily coming, much easier to be walking around at that hour.   Today is also the first day in a long time since I have been in productive mode at 5am.  So good to be writing as the sun comes up and even better when it is about sailing on the sea.


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