The Invisible ‘Capital Orbit’ in SE Asia

If you have ever heard Billy Connelly’s famous song ‘Far Canal!”, it resonates with the whole idea of digging the Kra Canal in Southern Thailand.  And sounds just as naughty.


Have been busy moving house this week and reconnecting internet and all things furniture and even had to miss my volunteer shift at the Coast Guard as whole body exhausted from lifting boxes of junk here and there, unscrewing bolts, tightening nuts, driving from one block to another etc.   So as is my usual habit to write a current events piece on Saturday morning.


Presently ships from Vietnam, PRC and the rest of East Asia have to round Singapore and Malaysia’s pirate infested waters before heading to the Indian Ocean and onto Europe.   Too avoid the pirates, save a bit of fuel and all for a yet to be disclosed toll way charge for passing, a canal across Southern Thailand has been discussed for decades.  Yet never built and here is one very possible reason.


Building a canal across those Southern Thai Provinces would separate the three most active separatist provinces from the Thai mainland, creating a huge window in security and sovereignty.  Forget about building costs and losses on tolls for the first few years.


It would also shoot the PRC’s rail land bridge in the foot and prevent their direct link to mainland Malaysia and the shores of Indonesia.   The massive Silk Road corridors would be severed in that region and there is no guarantee shippers would stop taking their chances with pirates in the Malacca Straits, only to be fleeced by Thai Kra Canal gate-keepers.


Since WWII there have always been big and direct rail plans connecting the mainland South-east Asian nations, although most have been designed to run in a north-south configuration due to mountain and river obstacles.


Now comes the interesting bit.  Stayatworkfatherofthree will give away free (free shipping too!) one (1) plastic black bird scarecrow (Scarecrow Hack) to the first person that can explain the reason for the Invisible “Capital Orbit” in South-east Asia.


What is the Invisible “Capital Orbit” in South-east Asia?


You will need:

  1. a map of Asia
  2. a ruler

Place one end of ruler on Kolkata (Calcutta) and the other end diagonally (NW-SE) on Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and you will see it!

From Kolkata, straight to Yangon (Rangoon) in Myanmar (Burma) and Bangkok in Thailand, onto Phnom Penh in Cambodia before finally stopping in the Mekong Delta at Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

Then explain to me why no one is considering an west-east corridor where land is reclaimed in Bangladesh that solves their flooding and creates a land bridge in the north of the Bay of Bengal.  It would give stable employment to the displaced peoples in that region and intersect the north-south rail in and out of the PRC.  Moreover it would provide those nations with an independent alternative to the PRC Silk Road option.


Meanwhile, Stayatworkfatherofthree just moved house, as stated above, and is nicely settling into the home office he nabbed as a result of now having four rooms to spread the other noisy four members of the circus we are.   Will send pictures soon of the massive 2 metre x 1.5 metre dining table I picked up new (with a minor scratch) for a hundred bucks and is now reborn as my writing desk.


Have a great and safe weekend.  Last week we took all three children to see The Greatest Showman and I have not had so much inspiration since the 1986 Michael Crawford version of Barnum.   When ever will geopolitical issues be resolved by realizing the simple value of celebrating the diversity of our species and how boring a circus, zoo or symphony would be if everyone did the same trick, was the same species or playing the same instrument.










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